Icelandic Souvenirs

An Icelandic Sheep with Moss and Lava around it

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Álafoss offers a great selection of souvenirs from Iceland and other gift items.

In addition to the popular Icelandic wool sweater, (in Icelandic: Lopapeysa) and other wool products, you may purchase exquisite gifts and a wide range of souvenirs that celebrate Icelandic nature.

While there are typical souvenir items such as postcards, magnets, mugs, and t-shirts available, we offer traditional Icelandic gifts and products that preserve your memories from this unique and modern country with a rich viking history.

Vikings, trolls and elves

You can find vikings, elves, trolls and other facinating figures, magnets and keyrings with pictures of popular tourist attractions in Iceland, such as Gullfoss and Geysir as well as of the Icelandic horse, Icelandic sheep and one of the nature’s most spectacular and beautiful phenomena, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). We also offer a wide selection of the well-known yule lads who are old-time traditional figures and in modern times have become the Icelandic version of the Santa Clause.

Icelandic Puffin – the magnificent Lundi

Other ubiquitous souvenir items are products that feature the extraordinary and colorful bird, the Atlantic Puffin (Lundi). This might be due to the fact that there are millions of Puffins in Iceland, exceeding the Icelandic population by far. The reason could also be that Iceland is one of largest Atlantic puffin colony complexes in the world.

Your own piece of Iceland…

Whether you have been to Iceland many times or have always dreamt of going but never been, we are confident that you will find the perfect gift or souvenir item you are looking for.