Bearberry - Icelandic Cushion Cover

Bearberry Cushion Cover

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Snuggle up to Icelandic Nature


Size: 40x60 cm (15.7 x 23.6 inch)

Backside color: Red, 100% cotton.

Cushion Cover with photographs of Icelandic Nature

The cushion covers from Lagdur are the perfect gift for nature lovers or for those who want to decorate their homes with a unique and beautiful Icelandic design. The cushion covers have a zipper and pillows are not included. Comes in a elaborate design gift box with information about each photograph.

100% cotton with printed photograph on the front side and solid color on back. Color variations may occur on the printed photographs.

Icelandic Design.


Icelandic Flora is quite diverse given the country's Northern location. Nearly 500 species of vascular plants have been identified as native to Iceland. Lowland vegetation is characterized by grasses and sedges but inland, in the vast moorlands, lowgrowing shrubs like crowberry bearberry, willow and dwarf birch are more common.

The bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is one of the most vibrant coloured plants of the Icelandic Flora. It is adapted to Arctic and Subarctic climates and has a circumpolar distribution. Bearberry can be described as a dwarf shrub or groundeover, with leathery evergreen leaves. It is in bloom from May to June, with white to pink clusters of flowers. In late summer it bears round, glossy, red berries. 

Althought the berries look delicious they have a mealy bitter taste and are nowadays rarely eaten. In times gone by, Icelanders used both berries and leaves as ingredients for medical remedies, in ink production and for dyeing wool cloth. In the countryside the bearberry was also often used for Christmas decorations, adding colour to the darkest season of the year.

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